Get started with Responsive Pricing Table

Installing the plugin

If you have any trouble installing the PRO plugin, search for "pro plugin" in the search bar above and check out our article.

Create a new pricing table

  • Go to the Pricing Tables tab in your WordPress admin panel and click Add New.
  • When editing your first plan, simply scroll down the page and click the Add a pricing plan button.
  • Add up to 6 plans by clicking this button again.
  • You can re-order your plan by clicking the up and down arrows next to each plan’s title.
  • Preview instantly your pricing table without changing/refreshing the page by clicking the Instant preview button on the top right corner of the editor’s handle.
  • Adjust the settings to your liking (top right corner of the screen).
  • Save your pricing table and copy-paste the shortcode into any post/page.

Find the shortcode

  • Click on the Pricing Tables tab in your WordPress admin menu. Your shortcode should be in the list on the right.
  • You can also find it while editing a pricing table, on the right side of the screen.


  • Title – title for the plan, will show at the top of each plan.
  • Subtitle – colored text, will show below the price.
  • Description – short grey text, will show below the subtitle.
  • Price – price for the plan (you can also put “Free”), do not put the currency here.
  • Recurrence – short grey text, will show above the price, put something like “per month” or “one-time fee”.
  • Small icon – you can upload an icon for the plan (recommended size is 30 x 30 pixels).
  • Features – add your features here, you can add “-n” before the feature if you want it to show in a lighter grey (meaning “not available”).
  • Button text – some text for the button, could be “Sign up” or “Free account” or anything.
  • Button link – a URL to some page for when someone clicks the button.
  • Custom button – add custom code here to overwrite the standard button (useful for third party buttons like PayPal/Stripe buttons).
  • Color – the color used to style the plan (per plan).


  • Highlight plan – choose whether or not to make the current plan stand out (highlight any plan).
  • Remove currency sign – choose whether or not to show the currency symbol (e.g. free plan).
  • Change currency – default is $, could be ¥, €, £ or even ¢ (per day for example).
  • Link behavior – current/new window when clicked.
  • Font to use – by default it’ll use your theme fonts.
  • Title alignment — choose if your plans’ title will align left or center.
  • Font sizes – play around with the font sizes in case some words don’t fit.
  • [PRO] Tooltips – add tooltips to your features by using the brackets (“{}”, see in your plan’s editor).
  • [PRO] Skins (layouts) – choose from our 5 skins/layouts, you can preview them immediately with the Instant preview button.
  • [PRO] Plan equalizer — enable/disable the plan equalizer, this will even out your plans’ height automatically.
  • [PRO] Price toggle — enable/disable the price toggle feature, this allows you to have two different prices for each plan and a switch at the top of your pricing table.

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