Get started with Responsive Testimonials

Installing the plugin

If you have any trouble installing the PRO plugin, search for "pro plugin" in the search bar above and check out our article.

Create a new testimonial set

  • Go to the Testimonials tab in your WordPress admin panel and click Add New.
  • When you have created your first testimonial, simply scroll down the page and click the Add another testimonial button.
  • After you’re done editing all your testimonial, save your team and copy-paste the shortcode into any post/page.

Find the shortcode

  • Click on the Testimonials tab in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Your shortcode should be in the list on the right.


  • Author
  • Job/company 
  • Picture – upload a picture.
  • Text – add your testimonial text.
  • [PRO] Heading quote – main point, introduction to your testimonial. 
  • [PRO] Color – per testimonial.


  • Color – PRO allows a color per testimonial
  • Layout – PRO has more options.
  • Author block background – PRO has more options.
  • Font sizes
  • [PRO] Picture size – author’s picture size.
  • [PRO] Text alignment – left, center or right.

Useful links

Need more help?

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